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How to Add a Special Message in a WooCommerce Completed Order Email




Have you ever needed to add an extra message in the email you send out when a customer has purchased a product or service from your WooCommerce store?

This message could be for all sales, for specific categories, or for products, including single products.

An interesting feature of this redirect plugin for WooCommerce will do just that for you. It also lets you redirect to specific pages or URLs based on a product purchased or a gateway used. And it offers the ability to create these custom messages to be included with the completed order email.

How to Add a Thank-you or Special Message to the End of a Customer Order Email

On the settings page for this plugin, there are a few options for redirection, including the feature that lets you create additional text on a completed order email.

Creating the Rules and Messages

You simply choose whether you want to use a product or a category, search for it and then add the message.

In this example, I am adding a custom thank-you and a link to a video the customer might find useful.


Once the order has been completed, the message is added to the final receipt sent to the customer via email.


This gives you the chance to get as creative as you want. It could be as simple as a special message, a thank-you with a little gift, or even a discount code for a future purchase. It gives you the opportunity to add a little something to leave the customer with after they have ordered and left your site.

You can see everything this plugin can do beyond messaging and redirecting customers to custom pages and URL’s on your site on this post of ours.

Want to Customize the Design of Your Email?

If you would like more control over colors and font size on the emails that go out from your WooCommerce store, check out this post where we show you what the WooCommerce Email Customizer allows you to do.

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