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How to Add a Product Using the WooCommerce Mobile App



WooCommerce mobile app 5.5

The WooCommerce mobile app has helped merchants and store owners manage orders, verify billing and oversee multiple stores via their smartphone. And for many, the familiar “cha-ching” notification has been encouraging and addictive.

Version 5.5 Brings Adding Products to Your Store Via the App

There are times when it might just be easier to add a product on the fly. And with more and more merchants depending on mobile, having the ability to add a new product is a welcomed added feature.

The initial version allows for adding simple, external and grouped products. Here are a few screenshots to show you what the user interface looks like.

Woo mobile app create product

Woocommerce mobile app settings

Woocommerce mobile app settings

You can read more about the WooCommerce mobile app over on and download it from either the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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