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How Elementor Prioritizes and Improves Websites Performance



How Elementor Prioritizes and Improves Websites Performance

Let’s talk about Elementor’s Product Roadmap for 2021, specifically performance optimization. While we continue to plan and develop cool new features requested by our community, this year we’ve made it our mission to improve the performance of our users’ websites. In this post, I would like to share with you some of the actions we have already taken towards achieving this goal, and talk a bit about what’s to come in the upcoming year.

Website performance has been an issue for web creators since the dawn of the internet. Being a web creator myself, I would always ask questions like:

  • “Is my site too slow? Is it causing users to leave or hurting my Google rankings?”
  • “Should I let go of a certain functionality in order to improve site speed?”
  • And of course: “What on earth is still causing my performance issues? I thought I covered all bases here!”

So yes, getting stellar performance out of a website has always been a challenge for web creators, regardless of the platform or tools we’ve been using. With so many relevant factors affecting performance, it’s not always easy to isolate the real issue, let alone find a solution for it. This is exactly why we’ve created this five-part video course on performance. In this series, we delve into each important factor that may be affecting your site’s performance, whether it’s related to Elementor or not, and walk you through how to optimize it.

To make things truly interesting, Google recently announced that website performance will now officially play a part in its ranking algorithm. This puts the issue of performance under the spotlight, raising concerns among website owners across the globe. That’s why over the past six months, our R&D and SEO teams have been working tirelessly to make sure that Elementor websites get through this update and pass with flying colors.

When it comes to Google’s mysterious algorithm, we know that it would take much more than our word to make you feel safe. Therefore, as a service to our users and the web creator community, we will be hosting a free web performance webinar with leading SEO experts to discuss the upcoming change. Not only will this cover the update itself, but will also detail how this change may impact your website and what you can do to prepare. The webinar is taking place on April 28th, so make sure you save your seat.

However, setting aside all courses and webinars, our primary goal is to make sure that our product doesn’t negatively affect your site’s performance. This has been, and will continue to be, a top priority for us. So without further ado, let’s dive into Elementor’s performance optimization efforts, as set in our 2021 Product Roadmap.

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