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How Busy Web Creators Can Build a Successful Social Media Presence



How Busy Web Creators Can Build a Successful Social Media Presence

Marcus Sheridan was part owner of River Pools and Spas, a company specializing in selling fiberglass pools. In 2008, following the stock market crash, his company suffered $250,000 in losses and was close to bankruptcy. He needed to get more sales and leads to his business in order to survive another year. He thought about utilizing online marketing but didn’t know how to do it.

Then, the concept of “They ask, you answer” came to him. He could just answer people’s questions.

He and his team brainstormed every question related to fiberglass pools they could think of, based on their nine years of experience. Then, during the following months, they wrote articles and filmed videos that answered every single one of those questions and published them.

The result? Not only were they able to save their business, River Pools and Spas now has the most trafficked fiberglass pools website in the entire world.

Marcus systematized this approach in a book called, not surprisingly, “‘They ask, you answer“.

So, how does this story relate to social media marketing?

Think back to your work since you became a web creator. Which problems did you solve for your clients?

Maybe you’re an SEO expert that is THE person startups in your country know to call to deal with WordPress load time issues.

Maybe you’re a designer who gets complimented for your personal approach after clients were used to be treated like another task to be processed.

Maybe you’re the kind of one-person show who removes the client’s back and forth between various professionals.

In all three cases, the professional web creators answer a clear problem their clients were facing. Not only that, they answer it in their own unique way, using their own special skills.

I recently noticed that Talia Wolf, a conversion expert and a colleague I recently interviewed, does an excellent job articulating her unique expertise and turning it into social media posts.

She uses her expertise in conversion optimization to create successful social media posts like this one:

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