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How a Leading Design Agency Revamped Their Website With Elementor



How a Leading Design Agency Revamped Their Website With Elementor

We at OSM are a team of creative, analytical individuals who accomplish awesome things together. Our pack consists of over 50 employees who love to brainstorm, work, and drink coffee together (we are proud of our vintage espresso machine!). 

We’ve been around for over 12 years now, and despite the fact that our team is based in Belgrade, we welcome clients from all over the world. Most of our clients are startups and small businesses, but we have some well-established enterprises in our portfolio, as well. 

As a design and development agency, we consider it important to keep up with the latest trends and provide our clients with the best possible solutions. Our website has always been our business card: a place where we can show our creativity and provide visitors with an OSM experience. 

Our new site was launched one year ago, and now it is time for a revamp.

The timing of the Elementor 3.2 release was just right! Jovan Lakić, our main website designer, used Text Path Widget, Mask Option, gradient buttons, and sticky columns to freshen up our main site’s pages.

Take a look at what has he done so far:

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