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Google Search News (September ‘20) – Search Console Insights (BETA), Google Images updates, and more



Google Search News (September ‘20) - Search Console Insights (BETA), Google Images updates, and more

In this September episode of Google Search News, John Mueller goes over recent developments in the Google Search world. Stay tuned to hear about:
Intro (0:00)
Search Console Insights (0:59)
Other Search Console updates (2:04)
Google Images updates (2:55)
Programming and SEO (4:15)
Mobile-first indexing – end of March 2021 (5:38)
Sitemaps now part of WordPress Core (5:52)
More great video and podcast content (6:14)
Great GIF material (7:23)

Google Search News is a news show for webmasters, publishers, and SEOs! Join us every few weeks for updates on what’s going on around Google Search.

Documentation mentioned in this episode of Google Search News:
Search Console Insights (BETA) →

Other Search Console updates:
New data filter: News →
Support for new types of structured data in the Rich Results Test (such as Article, Critic Review, and Employer Rating) →
Support for domain properties in Search Console →

Make the licensing information for your images visible on Google Images
Blog post →
Image license in Google Images →

Other Images updates:
Google Discover and your website →
Robots meta tag →

Who to follow on Twitter for Programming & SEO?
Ruth Everett →
Hamlet Batista →

Prepare for Mobile-first indexing:
Prepare for mobile-first indexing →
WMConf Lightning Talk on Mobile-first indexing →

More great content for you to watch and listen to:
WMConf Lightning Talks – playlist:
Search Off the Record podcast:
About the podcast →
The podcast on Libsyn →
The podcast on various platforms →

All Google Search News episodes →
Subscribe to Google Search Central →


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