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Google and the SEO community: SEO Mythbusting



Google and the SEO community: SEO Mythbusting

In the last episode of SEO Mythbusting season 2, Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Barry Schwartz (CEO, RustyBrick) discuss the relationship between Google and the SEO community.

Specific timestamped topics discussed in this episode:
What does ‘it depends’ depend on? (0:00)
Introduction to the episode (0:59)
Featured snippets, publishers & Google (2:03)
Too little transparency, too much transparency? (5:03)
Submitting feedback (7:00)
Not using Android or Chrome data for ranking (7:56)
AMP & the Top Stories Carousel (9:15)
More on Google’s communication with the SEO community (11:52)
Why doesn’t Martin Splitt want to know about ranking? (16:02)
‘The best possible website’ & user testing (17:04)
Bloopers 🙂 (19:16)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:
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Top Stories and AMP →
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