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Get Customer Quote Requests and Product Questions Easily on Your WooCommerce Store



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How many times does a customer land on your product with your WooCommerce online store and right away, they have a question? It may be some little detail about the product. Or maybe they are wondering if there is any chance those shoes come in red. Or even better, they want to buy several of them and are curious about a bulk discount.

Well, all of these scenarios would probably lead them to scouring your page for the answer. Or, even worse, they don’t have a lot of time to spend on finding answers,  so they simply decide to move on.

Another thought. It could be that you are selling something, say an antique dresser, and you have a price range on it. You don’t want to get into live bidding, but at the same time you would like for it to be easy for someone to make an offer—and make that process as seamless as possible.

The list goes on and on, but if you are looking to give your customers an opportunity to send a request, including a request for a quote, well, this is where the Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce plugin comes in.

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce Plugin

This plugin is a customizable request and management system that helps you work with complex quotes in WooCommerce. Let’s dive a bit into it.

General Settings

Here are some general/global settings that give you control over the options, including the form and redirect page. The custom field for the button is important, as you can set it to fit what you are offering quotes on. For example, maybe you change it to say Have a Question? or something very specific to what you are selling. That will certainly catch the customer’s eyes.

It also lets you enable the Multiproduct Enquiry and Quote option, which is pretty cool. This feature lets your customers add as many products to their enquiry cart as they want, so they can ask about them all at once, instead of having to do it separately for each product. A time-saver and very user-friendly.

general settings for enquiry pro

Email Settings

The global settings for the email.

email settings for enquiry pro

Display Settings

Here you are able to choose the icon position for the enquiry, control the colors and if you the skills, add some custom CSS.

display settings for enquiry pro

Quotation Settings

First, some basic information you can add to the quote that is generated as a PDF and sent to the customer. And then some settings around the quote approval or reject, including a page redirect and some label customization options.

quotation settings for enquiry pro

Mini Cart Settings

If you want to add a mini-cart widget icon on the product pages, you can enable it here and designate a cart position.

mini cart settings in enquiry pro

Form Options

There are additional settings for the default forms such as what you may want to display, if you would like giving them the capability of adding an attachment and adding Captcha.

default form settings for enquiry pro

If you choose custom forms, you will choose the form that you have created.

If you haven’t already created a custom form, by clicking the add new form you will be taken to this page where you can use their form builder.

This is a great option as it allows you to customize the form more around either questions your customers may have or if they want to request a quote.

form builder for enquiry pro


With all of the privacy requirements needed and not knowing what the future holds, you are able to display terms and conditions as well as cookie consent, and other information that you are collecting from the customer. Even the ability to delete uploaded files during anonymization.

privacy settings for enquiry pro

The Product Inquiry

Once the plugin is activated, you now have this button that will appear on your products and, as mentioned before,  you can customize for your own needs.

It’s optional to show on your archive or shop page and can be turned on or off in your General Settings.

As you will note here, we are seeing both the add to cart and get a quote option. I have left both on as the quote is specifically for quantities of 5 or more.

Here is the option of adding it to the product page.

quote button on product pages

Controlling What Shows on the Product Pages

Once you have activated this plugin, it now appears on your product pages. You can control this per product. The options for each product are to choose Enable Enquiry Button, Show Price or Show Add to Cart Button.

The fact that you can do this makes the plugin even more powerful because it can be set to your needs. If you just want customers to inquire, you can just show that button. Maybe there is some reason you wouldn’t want to show the price, but instead have them make an offer. There are endless use cases for the option of showing/hiding these three.

options for showing on product page

You are also able to do this using the bulk edit feature in your product list.

enquiry pro options under bulk edit

Or enquiry enabled, price visibility and add to cart enabled can be toggled on the product page individually as well.

icons for toggling off and on

The Inquiry Process

If someone clicks the button for a quote, this is what they will get. Note that this is the default form settings but I could have customized this to ask even more questions.

In this example of the enquiry process, I am using their Multiproduct Enquiry and Quote option that is pretty cool. As mentioned before, it lets your customers inquire about several products in one inquiry. As you can see here I have added two different products and the button now says view enquiry cart.

view enquiry cart

Then I would click on either one and fill out my inquiry. As you can see, I am asking for a discount because I am purchasing the more than 5. I will also add more information below it.

submit request for multiple product quotes

Once submitted, it will land in the Enquiry and Quote Details.

enquiry and quote details

If I click on the ID number I can get the details, as well as send a message and/or offer a quote.

quote order review

I can simply reply with a message here.

enquiry remarks and message

The other option is to create a quotation and send it. Here you will see that I have put in a new price, while keeping the old ones visible. I can also add an expiration date if I want.

A pdf will be created for the quote and the customer will get an email asking them to click through to either accept or reject the quote.

create quotation

Mini Cart Widget

There will be an icon in the corner that a customer can click on to go to the cart page where they can adjust totals and put in their request as I showed you before.

quote icon

But if you enable the mini cart, this will give them a widget when they click on it so that they can view their inquiry cart whenever they choose.

quote cart

If quotes and inquiries are a huge part of your use of WooCommerce, I would certainly look into this plugin. There are so many different ways that it can be used and it could be an added tool for easily providing answers to pre-sales questions for customers. You could even use it for simple quotes for services you offer.

So check out the Product Enquiry Pro . They even have a demo you can run to see exactly how it works.

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