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Final Holiday Preps for Your WooCommerce Store



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Waiting to prep for a holiday isn’t meant to happen with a month to spare. In some cases, you need to start right after the holiday ends. Here are some tips for both long-term and short-term prepping for the holidays.

12 Holiday Prep Tips For Your WooCommerce Store

Creating Long-Term Customers

From October to the end of the year a lot of stores do over 50% of their sales. It’s smart to have a strategy that takes these customers that are coming for a deal where you don’t make a high margin on them but turn them into long-term customers.

Start Right After the Holidays

Store owners should start immediately right after the holidays for the next year. But most of them don’t. Most don’t think of it till around July or so. They often learn differently. The more years you do it, the better you get at it and the more infrastructure you have.

Test Your Emails

Test everything. Review all of your email texts, make sure everything is spelled right. Try sending a test email and make sure it’s going out properly. Also, do transactions to make sure communication is working property.

Be Prepared

If you’re doing millions of dollars in sales, that preparation is gonna look a lot different than if you’re doing thousands of dollars in sales. Have a backup plan for anything that could catastrophically go wrong. Depending on your risk tolerance, you need to be prepared for every possible scenario.

Review Your History

Look at history. You’ve probably been doing this for more than one year. What happened last year? Did they go down? How did you recover all that stuff? Do some research on where you are now and do that same research on wherever you might need to move.

Remember the Smartphone

When you check the front end, most of the time you’re checking it on desktop. Chances are that close to 70% of your traffic’s on mobile, so make sure you are looking at that.

Cross-Sells and Up-Sells

If you’re doing something complicated with cross sells and upsells and you’re trying to get the most out of those customers, those things can be tricky sometimes to make sure they work right. So again, it goes back to testing every scenario and making sure there are no complications.

There Are Other Holidays To Do Some Testing

In the U.S., we typically think of Black Friday and Christmas. But there are other holidays to test on. You can test the load of your site on Easter and get prepared for other holidays. Holidays happen all the time. Load happens all the time and they can be as big a deal as you want to make them.

Segment Customers Carefully

You can segment your audience, whether it’s your fans and you’re trying to enable them. Understand their motivation all the way down through your customers or someone that you have in your database: knowing how you found them, what they’re interested in and segmenting the message that you’re sending to them to get the most impact is absolutely something that you have to do as a business to try to get the most out of the people you interact with.

Double Check Two Days Before Black Friday

Double and triple checking at that point. Make sure everything is in order. All your contingencies are in place. Go through every single scenario you can possibly walk through and make sure you’re prepared for it.

Think Long-Term Strategy

Acquiring a customer during the holidays, it’s a great time. A lot of people are buying. So it’s easier to acquire customers during this time period, but you really need to tie in your holiday strategy with your long-term strategy to do what you can to make sure you’re getting the most out of that customer acquisition.

Learn From Others

Read stuff on the internet. People have been dealing with the holidays for many, many years. There are new things that come up every year, but the rush is there every year. There are people that have solved this and there is a lot of great stuff on the internet

The important thing here to take away is to plan, both long and short-term.

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