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Everything About Gutenberg Block Patterns



Everything About Gutenberg Block Patterns

I admit I haven’t been following the concept and execution of Gutenberg Block Patterns very closely. Primarily this is because visual design has never been with a strong suit for me, nor (consequently) something I spent much time on. It is precisely for this reason that I’m so grateful for Birgit Pauli-Haack’s “WordPress Block Patterns Resource List.”

For those as out-of-it as me, here’s a summary of how they work:

“From the average user’s point of view, block patterns are predefined sections they can use to create layouts. These layouts can be something as simple as the book section from earlier in this article to the more complex pricing columns. With these patterns available, users will be able to create complex layouts at the click of a button,” and later, “The user sees something they want to use. They click on that pattern. It gets inserted into the post.”

I’ll totally admit reading this post doesn’t mean I should be your expert on block patterns, but I sure know a lot more about them than I did. And I hope they’ll help you too ?

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