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Elementor Sites of April 2021



Elementor Sites of April 2021

Graffette is a web agency in Reggio Emilia, Italy — specializing in graphic and website design, brand communication strategies, and copywriting for both freelancers and SMBs. Graffette’s clients range from consumer products to hotels, e-commerce sites, and more. 

When scrolling through the homepage, one of the first words that come to mind is “relationships of contrast” — which exist between many of the design elements and components: 

The black and white photographs coupled with high-definition 3D illustrations is a thought-provoking, exciting concept that sets the tone for a creative, “think outside the box” design team. 

Triggered by elegant scrolling effects, the user’s vertical journey down the page is accompanied by a flying paper airplane, children on a park swing, high divers, and a floating hot air balloon. But this is all orchestrated without overwhelming the user, as the moving images are balanced out by subtle design elements that tie all the visual variations together. 

There’s no better way to get your message across than combining fonts whose typography styles that visualize your brand personality. The traditional serif typeface represents the world of print, complemented by a modern, clean sans-serif font — mirroring a web creator’s timeless understanding of both old-fashioned and contemporary design motifs.

Theme: Hello

Plugins: Dynamic Content for Elementor

Design & Development: Gaia Nasi & Michele Grimaldi

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