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Elementor Birthday Showcase: Top 5 Drinks Websites



Elementor Birthday Showcase: Top 5 Drinks Websites

Are you more of a wine person, a beer-lover, or a mixologist in the making? No need to choose, because we’re serving all of the above at this year’s birthday party. Besides, Elementor and diversity are inseparable, and we’re not leaving anybody with an empty glass. That’s why we chose Sacramento’s Alaro Brewery for our party menu: a craft brewery like no other. After all, web creation is a rich, eclectic craft of its own — so it’s no surprise that a craft brewery dedicated to diverse, top-quality ingredients and beer styles is the perfect fit. 

Fresh beer, refreshingly passionate web creators … that’s what our dance party is all about. Beer on tap always wins over our party guests — which is why we chose a craft brewery that offers 13 flavors! We’ve also ordered a couple of their kegs, because, why not? 

And for those who prefer an exciting cocktail, we’ve got you covered. Are you going to be heading home in the driver’s seat? “Mocktail of the Season” has no alcoholic content, but is “seasonally delicious”, as told by Alaro themselves. 

Alaro Brewery’s site was created by Douglas Neal at Freshmint design, a Sacramento-based WordPress website, and graphic design agency. Freshmint defines its web design style and approach to web creation through the concept of minty freshness — which is just what we like to see at any dance party, and on any website, for that matter. 

Theme: Hello

Plugins: ACF Pro, Powerpack Elements, Gravity Forms, Anywhere Elementor Pro

Design & Development: Douglas Neal

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