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Elementor Birthday Showcase: Top 5 Dessert Websites



Elementor Birthday Showcase: Top 5 Dessert Websites

When we sat down to reflect on what we’re celebrating this year — the answer went beyond “5 years of Elementor”. Our celebration is also about flagships: our community has helped us become the flagship of web creators around the world. Elementor’s passion for excellence, prosperity, creativity, and all-around fun, is what brought us to where we are now. 

With that, we wanted our party food (especially the dessert spread) to reflect every component that we’re celebrating. It’s not just about quality desserts, it’s about character, legacy, talent, and positivity. The best way to represent this? Meet Pasteleria Aloma, whose trademark pastry “Pastéis de Nata Aloma” has been repeatedly named as “The Best Pastel de Nata” in the world. 

Pastel de Nata, the famous and emblematic Portuguese specialty, is an egg custard tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. Portuguese natives and visiting tourists alike find themselves indulging in Pastéis de Nata on a regular basis. And when it comes to “who bakes it best”, Pastelaria Aloma is the chosen one. 

Full of personality, individuality, and a one-of-a-kind presence, Pastelaria Aloma couldn’t be a better culinary symbol of Elementor culture. Feel like adding a variety of pastries to your plate, once you’ve scarfed down a couple custard tarts? Reach for a Bola de Berlim, a Parisiense, or the classic Palmier. Just like you spend time browsing through new Elementor features, navigation schemes, background types, and so on, you can expect to spend a while at our Portuguese dessert table, where the options of what to indulge in will definitely keep you busy. 

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