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Easy Lazy-loading Plugin Options for Your Sites



Easy Lazy-loading Plugin Options for Your Sites

Lazy-loading site images are one of the easiest ways to improve the perceived site load times as well as improving the customers’ or users’ experience on the site.

WordPress added a lazy-loading feature enabled by default in the 5.5 release.

There are a number of solid plugin options for WordPress and those plugins include additional features like image optimization and free CDN integration.

Optimole is a plugin and service that we have covered before but it does cover lazy-loading.

The Lazy Loader plugin includes a number of lazy loading options for image and video assets on your site. After you have installed and activated the plugin the settings for it can be managed from;

Settings > Media

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Flying Images is a plugin that includes a number of lazy loading options and we have covered it before on the MainWP blog.

Jetpack is working on a new plugin Jetpack Boost that currently is stand-alone to the Jetpack plugin and service which already does offer lazy loading in the performance module. Jetpack Boost currently has features for generating critical CSS on your site, defer loading of JavaScript assets that are not essential as well as lazy loading visible images on the page. Currently, the plugin is beta only and is not production-ready but it worth testing it out on a staging site since more features will be added and it will soon be production-ready.

The last plugin we are going to cover is An efficient lazy loader. The plugin uses defer.js which is a very small native performance library for lazy loading JavaScript, images, iframes, and CSS.

Lazy loading image assets on your sites is an easy way to improve site load times for site users without a lot of work to get it working correctly.

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