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Custom Pre-fill the WooCommerce Cart for a Customer with a Special URL




When it comes to WooCommerce, creating bundles of products or services is straightforward. Clients can easily add a la carte options to their checkout process. In a lot of cases that works perfectly. But not in all cases.

This can apply for both products and services. I know from experience as I had found easy ways to offer a client or customer a recommended package of products via my own store.

For example, you have a customer you have spoken to via email or chat. They trust your advice and are asking you the best item or combinations of items that will fit their needs. But it’s a hassle to send them various links or to have them search on your store.

Or maybe you have an online store with courses, videos, services and products that would be easy to mix and match for specific customer needs. You know what they need and what would work best for them. And you want to make it easy on their end.

Bottom line: hey shouldn’t have to spend time searching your store for the products and services that you have recommended (and it’s likely they won’t). Instead, it’s much more convenient for them if you send them a simple URL that will have all the services and products they need, neatly placed in the cart and ready for checkout.

Send Your Customers and Clients That Special URL

For an example, let’s say that I sell podcasting equipment, but also do coaching. And after working with a client for an extended period of time, I have made some suggestions on a mic and accessories. But offered a mic boom arm for 50 off. So I’m going to get this set up for my customer Jennifer Black. With the WooCommerce Cart URL plugin I can do it painlessly.

As you see here, there are three global settings that enable or disable this feature, the pretty permalink and the ability to customize the price of any of the products added:

Cart URL settings

We can now add the cart URL:

add new cart URL

After naming this one, I see that there is no URL yet. This will be created once I have this published. Secondly, I had the option to clear the cart when visiting this URL. This is a good option to toggle on in case they were there previously and had added some items before speaking with you.

You also can choose the page you want them redirected to. I am leaving the redirect field to read “cart” because I want to save them as much time as possible. But you might create a nice landing page explaining what you did and add a video or something, just to make it a bit more personal if you feel that will help this specific user or customer.

redirect to cart

Next I will add the products that I had talked about with Jennifer.

add products and discount

At this point I can do a couple of things. I can change the quantity or customize the price. For example, I told Jennifer I would give her the boom arm at half price which would be $50.

reduction of boom arm

Once I save this, I now get the link I can copy and send to my customer or client.

generate Cart URL

What Your Client Will See

When Jennifer uses the link this is where she will land on my site. The custom price of the boom arm is set for $50 and she can easily move to checkout and be done with it.

final customer cart

Discount Code

Now on the other hand, if I wanted to give Jennifer a flat 15 percent off, I would first create that coupon code.

create and generate coupon code

Then I would go back and add it here.

coupon code added

Now if I use the link, you will see that the coupon I generated and added was automatically added to the cart and taken off the total.

added to cart with coupon discount

This is obviously only one of the ways you can take advantage of this plugin. It also works with WooCommerce subscriptions, so you can put together and offer some great packages for your students or members.

Of course, this form of strategy should be carefully used. The example I showed you in this post benefits and helps the customer. But pre-filling a cart with items you think you customer or client may need, or you are doing it as a an upsell, there is some gray area there and you want to make sure you are not turning off your customer or client.

You can learn more about the WooCommerce Cart URL plugin here.

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