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Crawl Budget: SEO Mythbusting



Crawl Budget: SEO Mythbusting

In the second episode of SEO Mythbusting season 2, Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Alexis Sanders (Senior Account Manager, Merkle) discuss the most common SEO questions and myths around crawl budget.

Specific timestamped topics discussed in this episode:
Why is crawl budget an interesting topic to discuss (0:00)
What is crawl budget? (1:15)
What is crawl rate, and what is crawl demand? (1:47)
How does Googlebot make its crawl rate and crawl demand decisions? (2:44)
ETags, HTTP headers, last modified dates, and similar (3:43)
What size of sites should worry about crawl budget? (4:35)
Server setup vs crawl budget (5:00)
Crawl frequency vs quality of content (6:18)
What to expect to see in one’s log files if Google is testing one’s server? (7:45)
Tips on how to get your site crawled accurately during a site migration (8:18)
Crawl budget and the different levels of one’s site’s infrastructure (9:40)
Does crawl budget affect rendering as well? (10:37)
Caching of resources and crawl budget (11:46)
Crawl budget and specific industries such as publishing (13:34)
What can be – generally speaking – recommended to help Googlebot out when crawling one’s site? (15:03)
What are the usual pitfalls people get into with crawl budget? (16:52)
Can one tell Googlebot to crawl one’s site more? (17:40)

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