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Cloudways and Cloudflare Partner with New Enterprise-Level Integration



Cloudways and Cloudflare Partner with New Enterprise-Level Integration

Cloudways announced today the launch of a new integration of their services in partnership with Cloudflare (NYSENET). Cloudflare’s existing security technology for mitigating DDoS attacks will join Cloudflare’s enterprise CDN for superior speed and security.

DDoS attacks can cost organizations up to $50,000, but the number one most damaging effect of a DDoS attack is the loss of customer trust and confidence.

Corero Network Security

Cloudflare’s enterprise-grade mitigation of DDoS attacks is a feature that’s not available on any free or paid Cloudflare plans. It “comes with reserved IPs for Cloudways whose traffic is routed and prioritized over all other traffic on the Cloudflare network.”

Cloudways CEO and Co-Founder, Aaqib Gadit, commented on the new partnership:

“After a thorough evaluation of all the available solutions, Cloudflare was the obvious choice for us. We’re always looking for innovative ways to provide more capabilities to our already powerful platform. Partnering with the leading edge development platform in the world will enable us to serve a broader audience of web professionals and SMBs.” 

Aaqib Gadit, CEO Cloudways

Cloudways’ announcement says their existing CDN solution was underperforming and did not meet their expectations, so they did an extensive Beta test that involved their customers. (Such as @paullacey_dgtl.)

Suffice it to say, their customers were pleased with the results.

Security is an increasing priority on the web that affects everyone. A 2018 survey of the impact of DDoS attacks conducted by Corero Network Security conducted an international poll of 300+ security professionals and found “91% of those surveyed said that DDoS attacks can cost their organizations up to $50,000,” and 78% said “the number one most damaging effect of a DDoS attack is the loss of customer trust and confidence.” An eye-popping 71% said their organization had “experienced a ransom-driven DDoS attack.”

Peace of mind and the ability to maintain trust and credibility with customers is just as critical for small to mid-sized businesses as it is for the biggest brands. When “enterprise class” services are mentioned, you can usually expect some sticker shock, but Cloudways’ Cloudflare Enterprise Add-on comes at a low price — $4.99 per month per website, with volume discounts down to $1.99 (USD).

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