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Change the Key to Unlock New Doors: Top Tips to Move Different



motivation moment - unlock new doors

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Last Updated on August 30, 2021

Are you trying to unlock new doors using old keys? Do you have the right key but are trying to unlock the wrong door? Are you where you using the same actions to get to a different location?

You have to move different to get different results. You have to think different to create different opportunities. You have to believe different to find different possibilities. 

Change makes the way to different.

When you want different for yourself, you have to start moving different. Old Keys don’t unlock new doors. – unknown

I drove my mom’s massive, dark brown Buick to college. It had been through the wringer but still was reliable for the most part – except for one flaw. The key didn’t always unlock the door on the first try. Sometimes you had to jiggle it a little to get it to engage the lock.

A group of us went out dancing and at the end of the night, we tried to get into the car. The lock didn’t want to cooperate. I jiggled the lock a few times, just like I had so many times before. This time, the key broke off into the lock.

The good news for us was that the ignition key and the lock key were separate keys. The bad news for us was the door was still locked. The good news for us was that I knew the bouncer at the club. After a quick explanation and repeated assurance that I was not intoxicated (or even drinking for that matter), he agreed to jimmy open the lock.

He worked his magic and walked away. I unlocked the rest of the doors and climbed into the driver’s seat.

I immediately noticed something was very wrong. The seat was too far back. I couldn’t even reach the pedals. “My purse is missing,” came a cry from the back seat. 

I noticed my purse was missing as well, and where it had been there now sat a CB radio.

It was at this point I finally figured out what was wrong. “Uh, I think we’re in the wrong car.”

And we were. It was the same make, the same model, and even the same color, but it wasn’t my mom’s car. We dashed out of the wrong car, found the right car, and then had to convince the bouncer to break back into the right car for us. I promise it was much harder to convince him that I hadn’t been drinking this time around – especially with all of the gigglings from the galley making me giggle uncontrollably.

Eventually, he believed me and helped us into the right car. It’s still something we laugh about today.

The moral of the story is that the right key won’t unlock the wrong door.

Too often we try and try to get through the right door with the wrong key. On the flip side, we have the right key but are determined to get in the wrong door – breaking the right key in the process.

Right Key Wrong Door

How do you know if you have the right key?

The more you know you the more you will know when you have the right key. Your unique design is the key to unlock your unique journey. 

– Have you defined your vision for the future?

Until you can see where you want to go, you won’t know what direction to take. 

– Have you determined the mission you are out to fulfill?

You have to define a specific and time-measured goal for your journey that is going to move you closer to that future vision. Let’s face the truth: without a deadline, you will keep putting it off.

– Have you found your unique voice?

You are unique in all the world. The more you understand and embrace that uniqueness the more you will harness the power of your voice.

– Have you built up the belief that you can live out your big dreams?

You have to believe that you can so much that nothing and nobody can talk you out of that belief – because they will try to talk you out of it!

All of these elements play a part in grabbing hold of the right key.

motivation moment - unlock new doors

How do you know if you have the right door?

Learning to recognize you’re at the wrong door of life can be even easier than realizing you are in the wrong car. 

1. Listen to your heart.

It’s tough to have peace and to feel content when you are in the wrong place in life or when you are trying to unlock the wrong door.

2. Remember your BIG DREAMS.

When things don’t align with your dreams, you will have to adjust your journey or adjust your dreams.

3. Find a way to laugh through the mistakes.

It’s not going to always go as planned. Actually, it rarely goes as planned. Laughter will make the mistakes easier to bear (and way more enjoyable to remember). 

You can’t use the right key in the wrong door, no matter how much you try or how hard you hope. 

You have to use the right key in the right door to get through.

And the right door will be the one that challenges you to move different, do different, or to be different than you have been. You have plenty of choices facing you each day, but if you want to take a new direction then you have to take a new door. 

How Do You Unlock New Doors?

Challenge: Measure your contentment with the four questions and three points above. If you are content in your direction, then make a commitment to push to the next level. If you are not content in the path you are on, then make a commitment to try a different door.

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motivation moment - unlock new doors

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