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Gravity Forms 2.5.9

Brand New Release: Gravity Forms 2.5.9



Gravity Forms 2.5.9

Gravity Forms 2.5.9We are pleased to announce the release of Gravity Forms 2.5.9. With this latest release you will find a number of additions and fixes, including added security enhancements. Updates to the plugin include…

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic field map settings fields that prevents options from appearing in the value dropdown.

Update to Gravity Forms 2.5.9

Check out this advice for updating to Gravity Forms 2.5.9…

  • How to Update Gravity Forms – If you are already using Gravity Forms version 2.5 (or above) and have background updates enables, 2.5.9 will update automatically. However, if you are yet to install Gravity Forms 2.5, you will need to do so manually. You can do this by either updating Gravity Forms from your site’s plugin page within WordPress Admin or downloading 2.5.9 from your Gravity Forms account dashboard.
  • Clear Your Cache – Caching and script optimization plugins and services have been known to cause problems with the functionality of forms when Gravity Forms is updated to the latest version. To counter this issue, we recommend clearing/flushing the caches and the browser cache following all updates.
  • Further Resources – For more information on 2.5, and to get the most out of this major update to our form builder, check out the Gravity Forms 2.5 Resource Hub.

Have any questions about Gravity Forms? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Support team – they are always happy to help!

Gravity Forms 2.5.9 Changelog

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Fixed an issue where the header of the datepicker in legacy forms has the wrong background color and the dropdowns are not aligned correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where “This field is required” appears twice in the time field validation message.
  • Fixed an issue in the submission time performance for hosting environments where the form has lots of directories in its uploads folder.
  • Fixed an issue when submitting form in form preview where the required JS hooks are not being included.
  • AF: Fixed a display issue with poll results where the text gets cut off if labels are long.
  • AF: Fixed the display of visual radio choices in settings.
  • AF: Fixed an issue for get_icon_markup where all style implementations of font awesome are getting an additional class of “fa” prefixed to the output icon classes.
  • AF: Fixed an issue with dynamic field map settings fields that prevents options from appearing in the value dropdown.


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