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WordSesh Gravity Forms is pleased to be a sponsor of WordSesh 2021, a free virtual conference for WordPress developers which runs this week (May 24th – 27th).

This year, WordSesh is hosting 21 online sessions, including 6 in-depth workshops, that touch on topics like custom block development, headless WordPress, hacking, client services, accessibility, and user experience.

Coming Up this Week at WordSesh 2021

WordSesh is an online conference for WordPress developers, featuring hands-on workshops, incredible sessions, great swag, and an amazing community. Every presenter and topic has been hand-picked to complement or build on the others, providing a well-rounded and valuable experience to all attendees.

Here’s a bit about what you can expect…

WordSesh Sessions and Speakers

As mentioned, this year WordSesh is hosting 21 free sessions run by WordPress experts, including speakers from Google, WP Engine, Wordfence, Liquid Web, Termageddon, and many more.

Sessions cover a wide range of topics, including…

  • Great Page Experiences for Everyone (Alberto Medina – Developer Relations Engineer, Google)
  • Make Your Product or Website More Usable in 10 Easy Steps (Monique Dubbleman – UX strategist, UXATT)
  • How the Block Editor Makes it Easier to Build Custom Themes (Danielle Zarcaro – Owner & Founder, Paperback Web Development)
  • Building your first custom block… with PHP (Rob Stinson – Product Marketing Manager, WP Engine)
  • Considerations and Concerns for Platform Plugin Development (Steve Grunwell – Senior Software Engineer, Nexcess)
  • Understanding Hackers: Life as a WordPress Security Researcher (Chloe Chamberland – Threat Analyst, Wordfence)
  • Designing Websites with Privacy in Mind (Donata Stroink-Skillrud – President, Termageddon)
  • How to Turn Yourself into a Content Generating Machine (Chris Lema – VP of Products, Liquid Web)

Each day features a mixture of talks from across all categories, and has been timed to support viewers from around the globe. Simply find the day that works best for your location and schedule and make time to attend those talks live. Then, for all the other days, just watch the recordings at a convenient time for you.

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Free, in-depth workshops also run between May, 28th – June, 4th, 2021. Each workshop lasts roughly 3 hours and provides hands-on practical learning, discussion, and support.

Workshops include…

  • Build Your Own Block Based Theme (Daisy Olsen – Developer Relations Wrangler, Automattic)
  • My First Headless WordPress Site (Kellen Mace – Developer Advocate, WP Engine and Jason Bahl – Principal Software Engineer, WP Engine)
  • Let’s Hack! (Stephen Rees-Carter – Security Analyst, Wordfence)
  • Speed Up Your WordPress Site with These 3 Advanced Techniques (Luke Cavanagh – WooCommerce Specialists, Nexcess and Mendel Kurland – Agency Advocate, Nexcess)
  • Nail Your Onboarding Process (Jennifer Bourn – Owner, Bourn Creative)
  • Building Accessible Navigation (Natalie MacLees – Founder and Principal, Digitally)

Register for Free.

Register for WordSesh 2021 and Get 20% Off a New Gravity Forms License

Gravity Forms is proud to sponsor WordSesh 2021, and as a result we are offering all attendees 20% any Gravity Forms license. To take advantage of this deal, simply register for WordSesh 2021 today.

We hope you enjoy WordSesh 2021!


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