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Agency Turns to Gravity Wiz for over 75% of Site Builds





Written by the editorial team at Gravity Wiz…

If there’s one truth about running an agency it’s that every day is different. It’s highly likely you’ll open your email to find at least one new challenge a client is hoping you’ll be able to solve (and quickly). Sometimes they are easy fixes, those are the good days, but sometimes, the work involved requires creative thinking and effort. When you finally are able to get the result you’re after, in a clean and elegant way; those are the great days.

There’s something really cathartic about solving client challenges. Especially when at first glance, they seem impossible. The lessons you learn and the experiences you gain are empowering and create a legacy you can pass along to your next client.

LBDesign has been solving client challenges since 2006. “Back then, what the clients that I serve were trying to do wasn’t nearly as complex as what happens today, but it certainly felt that way,” says Liam Dempsey, Director at LBDesign.

As the world has gone more digital and as websites have become more integral tools for organizations of all shapes and sizes, LBDesign has had to grow and adapt their toolbox to match.

In 2014, we were faced with the challenge of needing to solve increasingly complex problems from our clients but we didn’t have the operational capacity to deliver as quickly as our clients wanted. We were increasingly being asked to produce solutions that we could not address with custom code for every unique request.

It was then that LBDesign began to create a front-end toolbox to help them better support their client needs while reducing the load on their team to create solutions from scratch.

We started to play around with different plugins to try and replicate the functionality we were building from scratch with pre-existing solutions.” says Liam.

Through this process the team discovered Gravity Perks, a collection of add-ons for Gravity Forms that allowed LBDesign to extend their capabilities without having to manage the code directly.

It was a huge win for our team. Not only did we find ways to build what we needed, we discovered new ways to add value for our clients. We were able to proactively suggest solutions to problems they didn’t know they had or that resulted in improvements to their workflows.”

With the guidance and support of Gravity Wiz, the team behind Gravity Perks, LBDesign has continued to wow their clients with innovative solutions to increasingly complex problems.

Gravity Perks is so valuable to us as an agency that it now runs on 75% or more of our client sites.

Gravity Perks, says Dempsey, has given LBDesign the confidence to go after larger and more complex projects and helped them achieve results they couldn’t have dreamed of just a few years ago.

With more than 34 unique perks available in the Gravity Perks suite, agencies like LBDesign are increasingly seeing the value of Gravity Forms and Gravity Perks as an opportunity to delight existing clients and land new ones.

Want to see some practical examples of how we help agencies like LBDesign solve real world problems? Walk with us through some powerful possibilities.

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