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Adding Blocks With Animated Backgrounds Using WebArea’s Latest Plugin



Adding Blocks With Animated Backgrounds Using WebArea’s Latest Plugin

As always, I like to highlight some things on the lighter side of the WordPress world. We have had enough business acquisitions in the past week — the whole year, really — that we need to take a break and enjoy the more experimental developments that the community has to offer.

Such as the case with WebArea’s latest plugin, Background Animation Blocks. It is a collection of six blocks with different animated effects.

I am obsessed with all things space and night-sky related, so I was immediately drawn to the Stars block. It has an animated background of simple dots floating in the background. It is also the most advanced animation, following the mouse cursor of the end-user.

Container block with an animated stars background.
Stars animated block.

The Stars block has a size, scale, and color setting for the background effect. Each of the other blocks has unique options, depending on what it does. Some, such as Bubbles and Gradient, allow the end-user to control the animation speed. Others have multiple color inputs.

In total, the plugin provides six individual blocks with unique animation effects for the background. Effectively, they behave like the Group block, serving as a simple container.

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