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9 Best Website Layout Examples and When to Use Them



9 Best Website Layout Examples and When to Use Them

Next comes (what’s widely popular among web designers) — boxes layout. This layout-type refers to webpages (very often the homepage) whose hero section is a large full-width box (often, but not always, a full-width image or video), followed by smaller boxes directly underneath. Ideally, the number of these small boxes should range from at least two, to no more than five. 

TSX Broadway is an outdoor stage in the middle of Times Square, which includes an 18,000-square-foot podium and an outdoor terrace — where live streaming, broadcasting, performances, and the liking take place. 

TSX’s site uses the boxes layout to create a visual representation of the experience you get when standing at their venue, seeing the scenic, bird’s-eye view of Times Square. Once you take that all in, you proceed down the homepage to the various columns and squares, each element guiding the website visitor to the concrete details and explanations needed to understand what the TSX experience is all about.

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