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30 of the Best Feminine WordPress Themes of 2021



30 of the Best Feminine WordPress Themes of 2021

Astra Inspirational Speaker theme

Looking for a softer, more approachable WordPress theme? Want wide appeal that lets your content shine without alienating any potential readers? Want to create a lifestyle or fashion blog? One of these feminine WordPress themes could help!

Whatever your reason for looking for a feminine WordPress theme, there are thousands of high quality examples out there.

That’s what this post is all about. We have scoured the internet for the best feminine WordPress themes around. Themes that look amazing, work flawlessly and provide the features and freedom you need to express yourself online.

This list of the 30 best feminine WordPress themes is the result.

What Is a Feminine Theme?

A feminine WordPress theme can be a full-on theme about makeup or hair. It could also display simple feminine characteristics or sophisticated elegance. There is much more to feminine design than gender!

It can be as simple as pastel colour choice or the type of font being used. As in your face as cute images of babies or makeup or as sophisticated as the use of curved or rounded shapes in the design.

Feminine design is about how it makes you feel as much as what it looks like.

Why Choose a Feminine Theme?

Did you know that 36% of small businesses are owned by women? Or that the number of women owning businesses in the US has grown by 114% in the past 20 years?

You might choose a feminine theme because you’re one of these women and want a theme that reflects your personality.

You could also be someone who just wants a softer web design with properties that reflect femininity.

Either way, you’re in the right place.

The Best Feminine WordPress Themes

Whatever your reasons for wanting a feminine WordPress theme, this list has some of the best examples you can find anywhere!

1. Astra

Astra Women Empowerment NGO theme

Astra is one of the world’s best selling WordPress themes with over a million active users. Some of that is down to the clean design that makes it a pleasure to work with and the exceptional quality of the Starter Themes that come with it.

There is a free and a premium version of Astra. Both include clean code that helps pages load with lightning efficiency, full compatibility with drag and drop page builders to make building websites a breeze and a selection of top quality templates you can use out of the box.

In particular, Astra has a few feminine WordPress themes to choose from. Themes such as Inspirational Speaker, Hairdressers and Hair Salons, Life Coach and Women in Action.

Pros of Astra:

  • A huge collection of professional looking templates
  • Clean code that loads pages fast
  • Compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and other page builders
  • Can integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, LearnDash and other plugins
  • Full training, documentation and support

Cons of Astra:

  • Choosing from the extensive range of themes can be tough!

Astra Pricing

There is a free version of Astra while premium costs between $41 and $199.

Opinion of Astra

We consider Astra to be the easiest WordPress theme to use and to customize. We also think it’s the most generous in terms of features and the sheer volume of templates it comes with. We may be biased, but we think it’s the ultimate theme!

2. Chicserve

ChicServe WordPress theme

Chicserve is a pretty WordPress theme that uses soft pastels and fonts to create a very comfortable first impression. A first impression strengthened by a nice header image, impactful headline and confident navigation.

This is a business website that covers all bases. While the demo is configured for a service business, it’s easy to use how you could customize it to suit almost any use. Pages are well balanced, it uses lots of white space and has lots of scope for making it your own.

Pros of Chicserve:

  • Attractive colours and fonts
  • Business-oriented while still approachable
  • SEO-friendly and fully responsive
  • Demo website could be installed and ready to go in an afternoon

Cons of Chicserve:

Chicserve Pricing

Chicserve costs $129.

Opinion of Chicserve

Chicserve is a superb feminine WordPress theme. It is well designed, has a great colour palette and inspired choice in fonts. The price is rather excessive though.

3. Blossom Feminine Pro

Blossom Feminine Pro WordPress Theme Demo

Blossom Feminine Pro is a blog theme with an understated elegance we like very much. It uses a mixture of font types to create a very appealing first impression. Along with a full width image slider and contrasting headline fonts, the theme starts as it means to go on.

The page unfolds into a standard blog layout with a single column in the demo and sidebar. Other layouts are possible with the theme. The category list is particularly notable, as is the use of white space and subtle colours. It’s an attractive feminine WordPress theme!

Pros of Blossom Feminine Pro:

  • Great first impression in the demo
  • Ideal for a wide range of blogs
  • Great font and colour choices
  • A wide selection of included layout options

Cons of Blossom Feminine Pro:

  • Not as much design freedom as other themes

Blossom Feminine Pro Pricing

There is a free version of Blossom Feminine Pro and premium versions costing from $49 per year up to $198.

Opinion of Blossom Feminine Pro

Blossom Feminine Pro is ideal for blogs with an audience that would appreciate the feminine design.

4. Girlie

Girlie Demo site

Girlie is a low key feminine WordPress theme and that’s just fine with us. It’s a well balanced theme with soft top navigation contrasted by a bold full screen header image. The mixture of fonts works well, as does the light putty coloured background.

The overlapped content elements in the demo site adds character to the page. Some smart animations and parallax effects further down showcase what’s possible and elevates the theme nicely.

Pros of Girlie:

  • Subtle but very effective design
  • Compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Tons of customization options covering every part of the design
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and its plugins

Cons of Girlie:

  • The design doesn’t really have a wow factor

Girlie Pricing

Girlie costs $39.

Opinion of Girlie

We like Girlie. It has a genuine appeal and is low key but not invisible. It’s also very flexible and is compatible with most plugins you’re likely to use. There is no real standout feature but it’s a good design overall.

5. Activello

Activello Theme Demo site

Activello is a free feminine WordPress theme that uses imagery to set the tone rather than fonts or colour palette. That makes it a very flexible theme that could easily be transformed into something completely different without lessening its appeal.

Activello is a blog design with a nice full width image that switches to a single column layout with sidebar and then switches into a two column layout to show what it’s capable of. It has nice fonts, good balance and lots of white space. It’s a very simple design that has been done well.

Pros of Activello:

  • It’s free
  • A nice blog theme with lots of scope for personalization
  • The flat design is very contemporary
  • Compatible with the WordPress Theme Customizer

Cons of Activello:

  • Without the images, this theme could be anything

Activello Pricing

Activello is free.

Opinion of Activello

We like Activello because it’s subtle and ripe for customization. That con also works in its favour as it is a genuinely flexible theme with a liberal dose of minimalism thrown in.

6. MTS Feminine

Feminine wordpress theme

MTS Feminine has a series of demo websites covering a range of niches using either a magazine-style or blog layout. All offer a lot of scope for expressing yourself online.

Some designs are subtle and feminine while others are bolder. Each offers the chance to showcase yourself or your business in a range of ways. Each is easy to use, has a great eye for design and delivers the high quality experience that could do you justice.

Pros of MTS Feminine:

  • A selection of predefined layouts ready to go
  • Designed to be fast loading
  • Social media widgets included
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins

Cons of MTS Feminine:

MTS Feminine Pricing

MTS Feminine costs $59 for use on 3 sites.

Opinion of MTS Feminine

MTS Feminine can be many sites to many people. It is flexible enough to customize to suit any brand or niche and mixes bold and elegant well. You don’t get the benefit of Elementor or another page builder but the theme shouldn’t prove too difficult to master.

7. Fascinate Blog

Fascinate Blog theme demo

Fascinate Blog is a smart and pretty WordPress theme that could be used for almost any niche. It has definite feminine characteristics but is flexible enough to handle any customization you throw at it.

The demo design is a standard blog layout with a bold logo, neat navigation and full width header slider. The page unfolds into a single column layout with a sidebar. Colours are kept minimal and the main interest is provided by the images. It’s a very contemporary theme that works very well.

Pros of Fascinate Blog:

  • Flexible yet characterful design
  • Fantastic use of white space
  • Inspired font choices
  • Could suit many blog niches

Cons of Fascinate Blog:

  • The majority of this theme’s character comes from its images

Fascinate Blog Pricing

There is a free version of Fascinate Blog and a premium version costing $49.

Opinion of Fascinate Blog

Fascinate Blog is a clean, modern design with a lot of flexibility to do whatever you like with it. The free version is viable if you know what you’re doing but the premium version is where it’s at.

8. Sarada

Sarada WordPress Theme Demo

Sarada is one of the more impactful feminine WordPress themes in our list. There are three demo websites included and each makes a statement, in a good way. Each uses colour and fonts effectively and has a unique character all of its own.

We particularly like the Travel demo. It makes an impact with that header slider and has a subtle colour palette and nice selection of fonts. The layout of images and animations are also very effective. Further down, the blog and sidebar give you another hint at what’s possible with this theme.

Pros of Sarada:

  • Very smart design with some lively touches
  • Feminine palette and font choices
  • Nice eye for design in each of the demos
  • Flexible enough for a range of niches

Cons of Sarada:

  • There’s nothing to criticize here

Sarada Pricing

Sarada costs $49.

Opinion of Sarada

If the design appeals, there are no downsides to Sarada. It’s a flexible theme with interest in each of the demos and the flexibility to take the design in your own direction should you want to.

9. Roseline

Roseline wordpress theme

Roseline is pitched as a personal blog theme but it could be that and so much more. It’s a very lively theme with a lot going on but also enough white space to let you relax between sections and keep things perfectly organized.

The design uses a lot of imagery so you’re going to need how to optimize images. There are several sliders in the demo and some white space to keep things even. A mixture of serif and sans serif fonts works well, as does the blog layout further down the page.

Pros of Roseline:

  • A very flexible theme with a lot of character
  • Accomplished design with some nice touches
  • Includes social media integration
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins

Cons of Roseline:

  • Once you’re past the sliders, the demo falls a little flat

Roseline Pricing

Roseline costs $75.

Opinion of Roseline

Roseline is a very nice WordPress theme. We like the initial impact it makes with the imagery and subtle navigation but would recommend you build up the lower part of the design to avoid it falling flat like it does in the demo.

10. Ashe

Ashe Premium WordPress Blog Theme demo

Ashe is a more subtle feminine WordPress theme that uses white space and a refined colour palette to stand out. It’s a blog theme with a nicer opener with characterful image header with integrated logo and modest navigation.

The rest of the demo has a nice feature slider, understated sidebar and attractive borderless layout. There is a real sense of style here that is immediately obvious. It’s a little minimalist, a little feminine, a little modern, a little heritage. It’s very well done!

Pros of Ashe:

  • Minimalist feminine design
  • Starts off well with the headers and sliders
  • Nice font choices
  • Good use of white space

Cons of Ashe:

Ashe Pricing

Ashe costs $29.

Opinion of Ashe

We feature Ashe in our list of feminine WordPress themes because of its potential rather than its demo. Without images, the demo is nothing to shout about but in the right hands, it is flexible enough to be literally anything you want it to be.

11. Isabelle

Isabelle WordPress Theme for Blogger

Isabelle is a light and breezy theme that lends itself well to feminine niches. It’s a very smart blog template with a pastel palette, soft yet strong fonts and good use of imagery throughout.

Isabelle uses a boxed layout with lots of white space to create a great first impression. A restrained series of images and content boxes showcase the wares without being in your face. The pink colour may be an obvious choice but the tone matches the design incredibly well.

Pros of Isabelle:

  • Refined design with a welcoming appeal
  • Great use of fonts and colour
  • Simple things like pink borders add character
  • Fully responsive and SEO friendly

Cons of Isabelle:

Isabelle Pricing

Isabelle costs $79.

Opinion of Isabelle

Isabelle is a refined blog theme that does feminine well. It’s also flexible enough to be tweaked to suit a number of niches and personalities. It’s hard to fault design this good.

12. Allure

Allure A Fashionable Blog Theme

Allure manages to be one of the best feminine WordPress themes but also not. The demos are mainly monochrome with a mixture of sans and sans serif fonts, strong images and a selection of layouts. There is nothing overtly feminine about them, yet they absolutely are.

The various demos showcase a range of blog layouts that could be tuned to suit any niche. Each contains a slider of some kind, some emotive imagery and a mixture of dark and light fonts contrasting their backgrounds. It’s a completely different take on feminine design but one that works incredibly effectively.

Pros of Allure:

  • Contemporary design with some nice touches
  • Largely monochrome which stands out
  • Inspired font choices across all demos
  • Flexible enough to handle almost any customization

Cons of Allure:

  • It’s a ThemeForest theme so support will be limited

Allure Pricing

Allure costs $75.

Opinion of Allure

Allure is definitely well named. It does have a definite allure along with some strong design elements that prove that feminine design doesn’t have to be girly.

13. Elegant Pink Pro

elegant pink pro wordpress theme

Despite its name, Elegant Pink Pro isn’t overly pink. Thankfully it uses pink as a contrast colour rather than making this theme a cliché. It’s actually a very good design with a nice layout, appealing navigation and an attractive grid layout below the fold.

This is a design of two halves. The demo opens with heritage fonts and a refined look and then switches to modern fonts with a flat, contemporary layout. This is something you could easily even out but does showcase how flexible the design is.

Pros of Elegant Pink Pro:

  • Pink but not too pink
  • Nice layout with lots of white space
  • Social media elements included in the theme
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins

Cons of Elegant Pink Pro:

  • Doesn’t use a page builder

Elegant Pink Pro Pricing

Elegant Pink Pro costs $59.

Opinion of Elegant Pink Pro

Elegant Pink Pro lives up to its name. It’s only slightly pink but is very definitely elegant. It is also flexible and has enough customization options to be able to suit almost any use you care to put it to.

14. Oleander

oleander theme demo

Oleander is a feminine WordPress blog theme that oozes style. It opens with a large image header and top navigation section and then flows effortlessly into a blog layout.

The demo has a subtle layout with lots of white space, colourful images and smart white overlays for content section images. The sidebar is subtle but clear at the same time and the overall impression is of cool, calm elegance. It’s a very accomplished design that could work well for certain niches.

Pros of Oleander:

  • Effortlessly cool design
  • Good use of images throughout
  • Lots of white space to keep things balanced
  • Gutenberg ready

Cons of Oleander:

  • While consistently updated, this is a four year old design

Oleander Pricing

Oleander costs $39.

Opinion of Oleander

Oleander is a lovely theme that dips a toe into femininity while also keeping a wider appeal. It’s a very light and modern theme that could work for many types of websites.

15. Pretty

Pretty lifestyle blogger wordpress theme

Pretty is the opposite of Oleander. This is definitely one of the more girly WordPress themes in this list but still has wide appeal. It has a light pink complementing colour, a mix of flowing and modern fonts and uses images to express itself.

The demo is pitched as a lifestyle blog and it could work perfectly for that. It opens with a full width but narrow slider and large logo area. It then flows into a single column blog with sidebar but can be customized with other layouts too.

Pros of Pretty:

  • Very feminine WordPress theme
  • Good use of colours and images
  • Nice flowing font choice
  • Fully responsive and Retina ready

Cons of Pretty:

Pretty Pricing

Pretty on its own costs $79. The Genesis Framework costs an extra $59.95.

Opinion of Pretty

Pretty is a very viable WordPress theme if you already own Genesis. It’s light, airy and free-flowing and could be ideal for a range of blog types. If you don’t already use the Genesis Framework, Pretty struggles to justify its price.

16. Nimbus Street Style

Nimbus Themes Street Style Demo

Nimbus Street Style is a combination of contemporary, lifestyle, urban and feminine and manages to combine all of these characteristics very well. That’s why it’s in our list of the best feminine WordPress themes.

At first glance, the demo is a plain blog layout with simple blue colour. Look a little deeper and you see some subtle touches that make this theme stand out. Simple separators, social media integration, a slimline sidebar and the opportunity to customize to your heart’s content are just a sample of what’s possible.

Pros of Nimbus Street Style:

  • Simple and unfussy design
  • Huge scope for customization
  • Great base from which to build a unique design
  • Comes in a pack with 9 other themes

Cons of Nimbus Street Style:

  • This is a foundation theme so you’re going to have to add the flourishes

Nimbus Street Style Pricing

Nimbus Street Style costs $49 and includes access to 9 other themes.

Opinion of Nimbus Street Style

We like Nimbus Street Style because it provides a base from which you can express yourself in your own way. It will require a little more work than some of these others but the reward is a unique site that could genuinely stand out.

17. Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Fashion Pro is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a feminine WordPress theme designed around fashion. The good news is that it could be tweaked easily to suit a range of other niches.

The demo opens with a flourish. A large logo and header section and a strong image slider draws your attention right away. A mixture of pastel colours and colourful images keep your attention while some inspired font choices give an upscale look that’s hard to quantify.

Pros of Blossom Fashion Pro:

  • Effortlessly stylish theme
  • Uses colour and fonts well
  • Could be tweaked to suit any niche
  • Has everything you need to build a working blog

Cons of Blossom Fashion Pro:

  • Not as flexible as some themes here

Blossom Fashion Pro Pricing

Blossom Fashion Pro costs $49.

Opinion of Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro is very feminine but also very stylish. Effortlessly modern yet accessible to a wide audience. Not much more need be said!

18. Adeline

Adeline feminine Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Adeline is a minimal blog theme with some subtle feminine touches. It uses a lot of white space and a few pink flourishes to create its identity and then relies on imagery to carry it through.

The Adeline demo has great balance with good spacing, great use of white space and distinct content areas. It’s a good mix of modern and chic and while it relies a lot on those images, it doesn’t leave you wanting. Inspired design done well!

Pros of Adeline:

  • Simple but very effective blog theme
  • Great use of images and white space
  • Flexible layout options
  • Supports multiple blog layout styles

Cons of Adeline:

  • Relies heavily on imagery to carry the design

Adeline Pricing

Adeline costs $49.

Opinion of Adeline

Adeline is simple but effective, chic and stylish and flexible too. It offers more potential than the demo delivers and could become anything you want in the right hands.

19. Trendomania

Trendomania wordpress theme

Trendomania is a stylish modern feminine WordPress theme. It uses a boxed layout with header slider and headline overlay to create a welcoming first impression. We also like the filters used on the images to add a certain extra something.

The theme is another simple but effective design that lets the images tell the story. It’s a white boxed layout with grey background featuring borderless content elements with subtle separators. It has a definite appeal that perfectly suits its purpose.

Pros of Trendomania:

  • Stylish modern blog theme
  • Fantastic fonts and colours
  • Nice page balance
  • Subtle design done well

Cons of Trendomania:

  • Missing a gallery or portfolio elements
  • Last updated in 2016

Trendomania Pricing

Trendomania costs $36.

Opinion of Trendomania

Trendomania is another simple yet effective theme with more potential than the demo lets on. It could work exceptionally well in the right hands.

20. Olsen

Olsen Light demo site

Olsen is a free, pretty WordPress theme with a genuine minimalist appeal. It’s a simple but very effective theme with lots of white space and a largely monochrome design with the main interest provided by images.

The demo uses a boxed layout with contained image slider, some modern fonts and slim dividers throughout. A tidy sidebar and subtle complementing colours complete the look. It’s a chic design that could be tweaked to suit any niche.

Pros of Olsen:

  • Simple but very effective
  • Modern, flat and attractive
  • Uses a responsive boxed layout
  • It’s free

Cons of Olsen:

  • It’s another design that relies heavily on imagery to carry it

Olsen Pricing

Olsen is free.

Opinion of Olsen

Olsen is another foundation design that could be the basis of something special. You will have to put the work in to get it there but the rewards are there for the taking!

21. Blossom Beauty

Blossom Beauty WordPress Theme Demo

Blossom Beauty is a colourful full width design that has a lot of elements that make it stand out. It’s a very accomplished theme that combines strong features with more subtle ones.

Blossom Beauty uses images for colour supported by a pastel palette. It’s a nice combination that offers a comfortable, relaxed experience throughout the site. With some full width content sections, good design choices and the flexibility to make it what you like, it’s hard to criticize this theme.

Pros of Blossom Beauty:

  • Colourful and attractive demo template
  • Nice designer touches throughout the theme
  • Good use of layout and white space
  • Could be tweaked so suit any niche

Cons of Blossom Beauty:

  • Better features restricted to the premium version

Blossom Beauty Pricing

Blossom Beauty has a free version and a premium version that costs $49.

Opinion of Blossom Beauty

Blossom Beauty has a modern yet relaxed feel with enough flexibility to be usable in almost any situation.

22. Marilyn

Marilyn WordPress Theme

Marilyn is another contemporary theme with feminine touches. It’s a flat and modern theme with lots of white space and a nice peach/pink colour and black detailing. It could be useful as any type of blog.

The theme opens with a subtle boxed layout with small image slider, modern top navigation and plenty of white space on display. It uses subtle fonts that look good, although we would make the body font stronger and some nice touches to ensure its place in our list.

Pros of Marilyn:

  • Stylish contemporary theme
  • Well balanced pages
  • Good choice of complementing colour
  • Could be turned into any type of blog

Cons of Marilyn:

  • An accessible but not amazing design

Marilyn Pricing

Marilyn costs $79.

Opinion of Marilyn

Marilyn is another of those feminine WordPress themes that provides the foundations from which you can build your own brand. For that we recommend it.

23. Imagity

Imagity Creative Minimal wordpress theme

Imagity is one of the most vibrant feminine WordPress themes in our list. It opens with a bang and a full colour graphic outlining what to expect. It then opens into a full width layout with alternating white and coloured backgrounds to offer real interest.

The design includes a smart grid for images that has a great hover effect. Subtle animations and effects are present down the page too. With some lovely touches and design flourishes, we can definitely recommend this theme.

Pros of Imagity:

  • Colourful and impactful
  • The image grid is particularly effective
  • Works with Elementor
  • Utilizes JetElements and Mega Menu

Cons of Imagity:

  • The theme is reported to be memory intensive

Imagity Pricing

Imagity costs $75.

Opinion of Imagity

We like Imagity for its colour and vibrance. It’s a lively theme that maintains a feminine feel without being girly. As it comes with Elementor, you can customize this as much as you like too!

24. Sprinkle

Sprinkle feminine genesis theme demo

Sprinkle takes us back to pretty WordPress themes. It’s a light hearted design with pink and peach colours, a textured background and attractive boxed layout.

Sprinkle is mature yet modern with some nice touches. The coloured content boxes and shaded sidebar elements stand out for us. It’s also nice to see a textured background, which may be a small thing but can make a big difference.

Pros of Sprinkle:

  • Very attractive theme
  • Definitely feminine in its appeal
  • Smooth flow and nice layout
  • Colour palette has been well chosen

Cons of Sprinkle:

  • Requires the Genesis Framework
  • Does not make it clear you have to pay extra for the Genesis Framework

Sprinkle Pricing

Sprinkle costs $75 on its own or $147 alongside Genesis Framework.

Opinion of Sprinkle

Assessed on its design alone, Sprinkle is superb. It’s a colourful, easy theme to use and could work exceptionally well in many situations. It’s a shame you need to have or pay for the Genesis Framework for it to work though.

25. Feminine Style Pro

Feminine Style Pro Feminine WordPress Theme

Feminine Style Pro moves away from blogs and gives us a workable corporate template with a definite feminine touch. It’s a nice design with some fabulous features.

The demo opens with a full width image and graphic with hover navigation. It expands into service boxes below the fold that have some subtle animations. Further down you see forms, FAQs, counters, a gallery and all the elements you would expect from such a theme.

Pros of Feminine Style Pro:

  • Very stylish company theme
  • Feminine but still conveys a message
  • Subtle but effective animations
  • Great use of colours and fonts

Cons of Feminine Style Pro:

  • Such a feminine design may not be ideal for a corporate site

Feminine Style Pro Pricing

Feminine Style Pro costs $44.

Opinion of Feminine Style Pro

The design and layout of the Feminine Style Pro demo works exceptionally well. Some of it may have to be toned down for a universal audience but otherwise there is nothing to criticize here.

26. ColorNews

ColorNews WordPress demo site

ColorNews also leaves the blog layout behind to give us a magazine style theme. It isn’t overtly feminine but has the opportunity to be with the range of colours and background image options it comes with.

If you’re looking for a magazine theme that could work in literally any niche, you’re in the right place. This is a boxed layout with simple navigation, logical content sections and everything you’re likely to need to get started.

Pros of ColorNews:

  • Fully fledged magazine theme
  • Flexible enough to be as girly or as inclusive as you like
  • Boxed layout works very well
  • Has the backing of a very respected developer

Cons of ColorNews:

  • Not feminine out of the box
  • That price

ColorNews Pricing

ColorNews costs $199 or $299.

Opinion of ColorNews

Aside from the price, there’s nothing we don’t like about ColorNews. It’s not the most feminine theme out there but is flexible enough to handle any customization you care to throw at it. That’s why it’s here.

27. Tilala

Tilala wordpress theme

Tilala is a laid back blog theme with feminine elements. It uses a flowing script as the logo and combines it with modern fonts that keep it feeling up to date.

This is a flexible theme with a selection of layout options, a nice borderless content area and sidebar and some modest contrast colours. Combined with effective imagery and social media integration, it offers a lot for not a lot of money.

Pros of Tilala:

  • Unfussy feminine WordPress theme
  • Straightforward layout with little distraction
  • Good use of fonts and graphics
  • Attractive minimal sidebar

Cons of Tilala:

Tilala Pricing

Tilala costs $39.

Opinion of Tilala

Tilala is a great theme that could be the foundation upon which you build great things. It’s a very subtle design with few flourishes yet has enough to maintain your interest throughout the page.

28. PointPro

PointPro Theme

PointPro is not a girly WordPress theme, but it could be. It’s another corporate theme that shows what is possible with a basic design. It is easily flexible enough to take any kind of customization without losing its character. That’s why it’s in this list.

It’s a boxed design with a small header and nicely worked navigation. Below is a typical corporate layout with service boxes, a gallery, blog and nice footer. Corresponding pages are equally well balanced and could be tweaked to suit any brand. All good reasons to like it.

Pros of PointPro:

  • Very flexible corporate theme
  • Could be focused to almost any niche
  • Has the basis for a solid company website
  • Lots of nice touches

Cons of PointPro:

  • Not feminine out of the box

PointPro Pricing

PointPro costs $59.

Opinion of PointPro

PointPro is a great theme that doesn’t immediately make you think feminine. We think that provides the freedom and scope to make it exactly what you want without the restrictions an existing design can provide.

29. Naomi

Naomi Feminine chic WordPress theme

Naomi is a soft, pretty WordPress theme that is all about femininity. It’s a very stylish design with pink elements, plenty of white space and some well chosen images. It could be very effective in the right hands.

The demo site is laid out as a blog with a calm entrance thanks to pastel colours and soft fonts. Further down is a single column layout with sidebar and attractive colours throughout. Some nice touches like the graphics and complementing colours makes this a very attractive design to behold.

Pros of Naomi:

  • Very soft and feminine theme
  • Calm and welcoming first impression
  • Great font choices
  • Smooth flow down the page

Cons of Naomi:

  • The extent of its femininity may limit its appeal

Naomi Pricing

Naomi costs $79.

Opinion of Naomi

Naomi is a lovely theme with an easy going vibe and attractive colours. All that may limit the niches you could apply it to but get that right and this theme has everything you need.

30. Olivie

Olivie Feminine WordPress Theme

Olivie is more subtle compared to Naomi with similar pink colours and that soft, welcoming introduction. It’s an attractive theme with a light aesthetic. One we think could work well for many types of websites.

The demo begins with a full width image slider and modest navigation before flowing easily into a single column blog with sidebar. It’s well designed with nice balance, plenty of white space and some superb design touches.

Pros of Olivie:

  • Simple, easy going feminine design
  • Free flow down the page
  • Nice entrance that welcomes you in
  • Thoroughly modern without being harsh

Cons of Olivie:

  • Not the cheapest theme here

Olivie Pricing

Olivie costs $79.

Opinion of Olivie

Olivie is an accomplished feminine WordPress theme that could have wide appeal. It has a free spirit that welcomes you in and that alone makes this theme worth exploring further.


Those are what we think are the best feminine WordPress themes around right now. There is a real cross-section of designs and intent. None of which go over the top or let us down in any way.

Some are free, others are paid for. All are well worth exploring if you’re in the market for top performing feminine WordPress themes!

Do you use any of these themes? Have any feminine WordPress themes to recommend? Tell us about it in the comments!

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